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 Telepsychiatry has been around since the 1950s. With the advent of covid 19, health care has changed.  Many patients here in San Antonio, Texas were now being seen via telemedicine.  According to the American Psychiatric Association, patients maintained improved mental stability and compliance with treatment recommendations.  Around 85 % of patients with a telehealth visit were satisfied with their care via telemedicine.  Studies have also shown that telehealth and In person visits were essential equally comparative in care being provided.  Improved access also showed improved outcomes.  Telepsychiatry is comparatively equal to in-person care in diagnosis, treatment effectiveness, and patient satisfaction.   Patients being seen in a telemedicine visit allows the convenience of patients being seen in a comfortable safe setting such as their home.   No waiting room, commute is necessary.   

Dr. Javen Cavazos uses an ethernet connection so there will be no issues with connectivity. is the telehealth platform used which gives Dr. Javen Cavazos the ability to text patient if any connectivity issues arise.


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