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 Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos is a local board certified psychiatrist located here in San Antonio, Texas.  She encourages patients to be courageous about talking about their mental health.  It is the beginning of a journey to being a better you.  Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos believes that mental health is a strength and helps patients use that energy towards something productive. 

Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos clinical interest is in Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Women's health, and neurodevelopmental. Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos focuses on understanding your symptoms. After a thorough history and listening to you,  choose a treatment that you feel most comfortable with to improve their quality of life.

Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos practices evidence based medicine and implements lifestyle modification.  Mental health is not resolved in one meeting.  Incorporating mental health in your daily routine is an arduous but rewarding  skill.   

Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos collaborates with other  primary care physicians or  other specialist in San Antonio, Texas if further underlying psychological or medical issues need to be addressed.    


Medications may or may not be started on the initial appointment. If started they will be adjusted, continued, or discontinued as patient responds  or tolerates the treatment. 


Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos believes in developing long term treatment relationships with patients.  She wants to help incorporate treatment through the challenging moments and the stable moments that one may have here in the unique culture of San Antonio, Texas.  Having the ability to contact Dr. Javen Valerie Cavazos directly and scheduling your own appointments takes the guesswork of what is available and who you will communicate with.


                                                                      Striving for stability is the goal!   


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