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How to set up and appointment

Click on Request Initial Consultation.

Pre screening question answered.


Email sent to set up your patient portal.

Select time and date for your appointment or call  1 830 476 0929 to schedule

Before appointment:

Send in all prior paperwork and forms that are required.

Ensure that payment was already made.

Be in a private, safe, and quiet environment.

Strong connection to the internet.

Access to a laptop or desktop.

Phone is able to accept calls.   

It is important that you are physically located in San Antonio, Texas or within Texas.

You may get a call from me during appointment time if you are having issues with the connection.

Reminding yourself of the time of the appointment which will be blocked off for you.

Be ready for the appointment 15 minutes prior.

Headphones preferable.

Writing down thoughts about yourself and questions that you may have for Dr. Cavazos.

You will receive a text or email based on how your prefer to be seen. 

                              Please click on it to be seen. 

                              Allow camera/headphones on your device

During appointment:


Open minded in talking and listening to your Doctor.

Be motivated to get help!

Have insight into why you scheduled the appointment.


Be honest and talk about the raw emotions and thoughts that you have.  I want to get to know you!

If you want helpful family members present, you must consent for them to talk to me in the session.

Understand that your doctor will make recommendations based on the evaluation that is best for you.

After appointment:

Further forms may be sent via patient portal

Questions will ONLY be answered via your  patient portal

Unfavorable settings:

In your car, out in the community running errands, no access to a strong wi-fi connection, in an area where your appointment cannot be private

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